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Real-time tracking of all your vehicles

When the vehicle is parked, the icon is green. If it is moving, the icon changes colour depending on the speed of the vehicle. You can also check the speed in km/h. This is the live view of your entire fleet.

Details of each journey

All of the data for each journey is available by clicking on Details. You will then see the entire route displayed on the map, with a speed record chart underneath so you will know at what speed your vehicle has travelled. You will see the maximum speed and any stops on the route.

Access to the history report of all journeys

You can see the address and start and end time of each journey. You can see the time and mileage. You can set the cost and the driver. You can filter the trip history by vehicle, driver or date range. Export the data to Excel with a single click.

European Union and Norway

Our devices operate throughout the European Union and in Norway without any restrictions or additional costs. They operate abroad and update the position of vehicles at the same speed as in Poland.

3-year warranty

The longest warranty on the market - up to 3 years of free, full warranty for the Holte Fleet GPS Tracker. Our devices are manufactured in the European Union and comply with the highest quality standards.

Sharing vehicle location

You can share the position of your vehicle with external companies in several ways: by sending a link with the position of the vehicle, uploading the position in JSON format to integrate with the forwarding system, or create a sub-account and assign selected vehicles to it.

Easy to install

Our units are extremely easy to install, what reduces the initial cost and allows you to move the units between different vehicles for free. Installing is simple and takes no more than a minute.

Information about the ignition

Our OBD-II devices detect the battery voltage so that you always know whether the vehicle is on or off, even if parked.


In the Holte Fleet system you have many ready-made reports such as mileage or a report for PIT or VAT purposes. However, very broad possibilities of filtering by every available parameter allow you to create any report in just a few clicks.

Private and business trips

You can very easily separate private and business trips by assigning working hours to vehicles or marking trips manually. A convenient tool for optimising fuel costs in any business.

Employee sub-accounts

The system administrator can create accounts for employees or team managers and assign selected vehicles to them. This makes it possible to share what is happening with a selected vehicle or group of vehicles

Active Google map

You can check your arrival time taking into account traffic jams and current traffic conditions to better control and optimise delivery times.

Valuable information just in time

Thanks to the permanently up-to-date meter status, you do not need to remember about periodic inspection or meter replacement. The system automatically notifies you of the set alert.

Define your own locations

Name the most frequently visited locations in a personalised way. Or set a radius around that point.

No extra charges

Everything in our system is available to every user. There are no extra charges.

Holte Time

Przy zakupie jednego nadajnika GPS Holte Flota dostajesz jedną licencję na Holte Time – aplikację na telefon komórkowy gdzie pracownik intuicyjnym suwakiem ustala czas pracy. Może zrobić zdjęcie wykonanej pracy, dodać koszt zakupów dodatkowych np. zakup gwoździ. Ty widzisz to wszystko w jednym systemie.

Advanced administrator platform

For whom?

If GPS location in your industry is something new, be the first to start managing your business with Holte Fleet. Or perhaps you are already a representative of one of the following industries, that's when you can be sure that our GPS is also for you.



This is definitely a rather unusual group of vehicles in the context of GPS tracking, yet it doesn't mean that this type of solution doesn't have its indisputable advantages.



Delivery vans

Is your restaurant constantly growing? Wondering what you can do better, how you can ensure its excellent reputation?



Boats, yachts, floating houses

The constant development of technology gives us increasingly modern and accurate solutions to monitor the water fleet in real time.


Private transport

Private vehicles

These days, GPS navigation is available to all of us - at our fingertips. We use it almost every day...



Car rental

Car rental companies are becoming more and more popular. We opt for this type of service for several reasons. Firstly, we can fulfil our automotive dreams.



Sales representatives

Sales representatives represent the company, often taking care of proper relations with customers from all over Poland.



The taxi industry

The taxi industry has definitely been hit hard by the Coronavirus outbreak. In March/April 2020, airports as well as restaurants were closed, the streets were empty...


GPS tracking in the delivery industry

Year by year, we can observe more and more dynamic development of the delivery industry. Especially in the times of the coronavirus pandemic when we order via the Internet much more.


Excessive vehicle or fuel consumption

Do you run a transport and logistics company? Excessive wear and tear on your vehicles inevitably leads to high operating and servicing costs.


GPS tracker in a camper van rental

Renting a camper van is an ideal way to enjoy comfortable and independent trips. Especially during the coronavirus pandemic when there is not much room for package tours, for example.


GPS tracker in the logistics industry

Logistics industry is one of the most important branches of the Polish economy. We are a power on the European transport market, and technological innovations contribute to a very dynamic development in this field.


GPS tracking in the public utility sector

Public transport, health care services, waste management, but also technical services, such as those related to the electricity industry, are all public utilities.


Register of vehicle mileage

Entrepreneurs who want to fully include the expenses connected with company cars to the costs of running their business activity are obliged to keep full records of the mileage.


Effective fleet management

Nowadays, GPS tracking of company cars plays an increasingly important role in fleet management systems. This is true for all businesses...


GPS tracking in the transport industry

In the transport industry, proper management of the vehicle fleet is of great importance for smooth running of the company and its profits.


How can GPS tracking of your fleet provide you with more customers?

Have you been wondering how to increase the profits? Are you looking for a solution that will increase the number of your customers?


Accounting for drivers' working time, the so-called "kilometre allowance"

Records of drivers' working time are not a pleasant or simplest solution. Its compilation requires diligence and regularity. Until recently, the only form of such record keeping was writing everything down on hundreds of sheets of paper or tables in a spreadsheet.


Drivers abusing company cars

Each year more and more companies invest in a fleet of company cars, which is essential for further growth.


Benefits of vehicle tracking

With the development of technology, entrepreneurs have gained many forms of verifying the work of their drivers. All solutions boil down to the same goals...

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With Holte Fleet GPS tracking you are integrated with the best freight exchanges in Europe. All you need to do is provide your vehicle and you can start earning money by transporting loads all over Europe.

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„Długo szukałem monitoringu GPS dla swoich samochodów. GPS Holte Flota to tanie, niezawodne i bardzo proste w obsłudze urządzenie które oszczędza mi wiele godzin pracy każdego miesiąca.”




„Monitoring GPS Holte Flota daje mi połączenie ze spedycją a moje samochody mogą zarabiać jeżdżąc po całej Unii Europejskiej i Norwegii. Dzięki temu rozwiązaniu znacznie obniżyłem koszty floty. Polecam każdej firmie transportowej!”




„Dzięki Monitoringowi GPS Holte Flota cała nasza flota serwisowa rozsiana po Polsce jest pod kontrolą z dowolnego miejsca przez telefon. Ten system skraca nasz czas reakcji i daje pewność!”



—    Polecam JUREK Z GDYNI

„Zarządzanie zespołem handlowców rozsianym po całej Polsce to nie jest proste zadnie. System Monitoringu GPS Holte Flota zaoszczędził mi setki godzin i telefonów do handlowców – teraz mam wszystko pod kontrolą!”




„Jako firma transportowa muszę dokładnie wiedzieć gdzie znajdują się moje pojazdy aby lepiej planować załadunki i optymalizować trasy przejazdu. Dzięki rozwiązaniu Holte Flota mam pewność, że mam wszystko pod kontrolą!”