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Software Design Engineer

25 listopada 2021

At Holte Software Poland, we create software for the construction industry for the Scandinavian market. We recently joined a large Danish group EG (EG A/S) that creates software for various industries in the Scandinavian economic area. In the construction industry, we create software to control almost all aspects of building creation – from design, cost estimation, building process control to building operation and maintenance. We create a „digital twin” of an object built in the field. Our software integrates with CAD / CAM systems by using the BIM model, which allows for precise general construction and industry specific (electricians, plumbers) cost estimation. During the construction of the facility, our software allows you to track the progress of work, receipt of inspection reports, health and safety control, cooperation with subcontractors, providing information on how to install technical devices in buildings, tracking the location of vehicles, construction machines and tools, and many other aspects of activities related to the creation of building object.

The building industry software market dynamic development creates new and more ambitious tasks for us. To meet them, we are looking for programmers with various professional experience, working with technologies / tools offered by Microsoft Corporation. We create various types of software, ranging from traditional desktop applications through a whole range of applications-web services and ending with mobile applications for both platforms that dominate the market. If you like to create software that meets the specific needs of people in their daily work, you feel satisfaction writing elegant code, you want to have an impact on the technological aspects of the software developed by Holte Software Then send your CV to us.


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